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General Information | Photos | 20pc Aquascape System

This 20-Piece Pond Kit will give you the
solid foundation you need for your pond project.

Picture coming soon!

1. Skimmer
Deposits surface debris in easy-to-remove bag and breaks the surface tension for a cleaner pond.

Disappears from view by becoming a waterfall! Bacteria live inside, cleaning the water. Requires only a yearly cleaning.

3. Pump
A high efficiency pump provides the best value for your money.

4. Liner
EPDM liners have a 20 year manufacturers' guarantee. Cover with stones and expand like expectancy indefinitely.

5. Underlayment
Acts as a padding for the liner. Woven to allow gasses to escape from beneath the liner.

6. PVC Flex Pipe
Easy to install and extremely flexible. Plumbs the skimmer to BIOFALLS®.

7. Underwater Lights
Comes with a transformer that extends the enjoyment of a pond into the evening. Automatic timer can be pre-set or used manually.

8. Bacteria
Helps start and maintain a pond's health. Keeps water clear by adding to the bacterial colonies on the filters and stones.

9. Check Valve
Allows easy pump removal while preventing BIOFALLS® from draining when electricity is turned off.

10. Waterfall Stone
Perfectly sized and shaped to fit on the BIOFALLS® snout to form a natural waterfall.

11. Skimmer Rock & Lid
Naturally camouflages skimmer top. Lighter than a similarly sized stone.

12. Filtration Media
Provides high surface area for bacteria to colonize and clean the water.

13. Skimmer Bag
Catches large debris and allows it to be easily removed.

14. Filter Support Racks
Acts as a base for filter material while strengthening filter walls. (Racks may differ depending on the type of skimmer or BIOFALLS® you use.)

15. Bulkhead Fitting
Forms watertight seal in skimmer, overflow and BIOFALLS® hook up.

16. Liner Patch
Watertight patch seals accidental holes in the liner.

17. Expanding Foam
Expands and seals cracks between the stones and BIOFALLS® liner. Diverts water over stones instead of beneath them.

18. Silicone (Foodsafe)
Forms a watertight seal between BIOFALLS® snout, skimmer and liner.

19. PVC Glue & Primer
Bonds PVC pipe to coupling in BIOFALLS®. Designed for flexible PVC pipe.

20. "Aquascaping Your Land"
Reference guide for pond owners. Explains the system and maintenance needs and acts as a resource for general pond questions.